Lala Deep Chand Jain Public School
Derabassi, S.A.S. Nagar, Mohali


Faculty Zone

Name Qualification Designation D.O.B D.O.J D.O.C
Mrs. Chanchal Singhal M.A,B.Ed Principal 22-07-66 01-04-02 01-10-02
Mrs. Neeru Bala M.A,NTT NTT 15-10-72 01-04-08 01-10-08
Mrs. Nisha Aggarwal M.A,B.Ed PGT 09-09-70 10-04-07 01-11-07
Mrs. Poonam Sharma M.A,B.Ed PGT 15-01-74 02-04-08 01-10-08
Mrs. Pooja Rani 12th,NTT NTT 04-10-81 13-01-09 01-08-09
Mrs. Usha Dhiman M.A,B.Ed TGT 15-01-79 01-04-09 01-10-09
Mrs. Shalini Goel B.A,B.Ed TGT 16-01-79 01-03-11 01-10-12
Mrs. Pooja Sharma B.A, B.Ed PRT 22-07-84 02-07-08 01-02-09
Mrs. Davinder Kaur B.A,B.Ed,DCA PRT 09-10-84 02-07-12 01-01-13
Mrs. Hema Syal B.A,B.Ed,DCA Clerk 11-11-78 04-07-12 15-01-13
Mrs. Mamta Sharma M.Com,B.Ed PGT 16-05-84 09-07-12 15-01-13
Mrs. Geeta Sharma M.A,B.Lib Librarian 07-01-81 04-01-10 01-10-10
Mrs. Promila Sharma B.A,ITI,NTT PRT 05-09-76 08-04-13 08-10-13
Mrs. Leena Kalia B.A,B.Ed,NTT PRT 08-11-84 15-07-13 15-01-14
Mrs. Jasdeep Kaur B.A,NTT SPECIAL EDUCATOR 23-10-85 13-07-16 13-01-17
Mrs. Kavita Verma M.Com,NTT,B.Ed NTT 04-08-74 13-04-17 13-10-17
Mrs. Deepika B.A,B.Ed PRT 03-10-88 17-04-17 17-10-17
Mrs. Parul Gupta M.Com,PGDCA CLERK 11-09-80 15-11-07 01-05-08
Mrs. Mamta Sethi 12th,NTT NTT 23-08-76 01-08-08 01-02-09
Mrs. Seema Bhardwaj M.A,M.Ed PGT 22-05-67 06-04-18 06-10-18
Mrs. Preety Gandhi B.Sc TGT 02-07-94 02-11-15 02-05-16
Mr. Jatinder Rana M.Ped PGT 02-04-82 16-07-18 17-01-19
Mrs. Tara Kumari Singh B.A,B.Ed TGT 16-04-95 08-04-19 10-09-19
Mrs. Monu Thakur M.Sc,M.Ed PGT 09-04-84 01-05-21 05-10-21
Mrs. Swati Jha M.A,B.Ed WELLNESS TEACHER 01-08-85 10-02-20 01-10-20
Mrs. Suruchi Rana M.Sc,B.Ed TGT 18-11-88 01-07-21 02-02-22
Mrs. Sumita Rani M.A,B.Ed PGT 24-08-87 01-09-21 N.A
Mrs. Kamakshi Singla B.A, PGDCA, MCA PRT 01-03-85 06-10-21 N.A
Ms. Priyanka Verma B.A, C.S.E TGT 10-06-93 08-01-21 10-05-21
Mrs. Banita Rani M.A,B.Ed PGT 23-12-77 15-01-20 10-06-21
Ms. Srishti Maurya B.A, B.Ed PRT 23-03-90 01-12-21 N.A
Ms. Neha Bisht M.Sc,B.Ed PGT 06-03-94 16-09-19 05-03-20
Mrs. Gagandeep Kaur M.Sc, M.Phill PGT 28-10-84 06-09-21 N.A
Mrs. Nidhi Jain PRT 03-10-75 05-04-20 01-09-20
Mrs. Navjot Kumari PRT 06-02-80 06-02-20 15-07-20
Mrs. Niti Jain CLERK 21-11-92 05-04-20 01-09-20

Teacher With a Difference

LDCJPS positions the teachers at the pinnacle of the learning process- but with a difference. The teacher is no longer the provider of all knowledge; He or she is a ‘facilitator’. Who uses the new technology to motivate the Student to explore for themselves the world of knowledge Motivated and inspired. By the opportunity of learning to innovate, an innovating to learn, the teacher at LDCJPS continuously renews and updates subject knowledge and pedagogy. The teacher is a leader and motivator, role model and mentor. Learner and innovator leading by example, Comfortable with convergence technologies, as tools for learning evaluation. The teachers extensively use multi media and audio visual classroom aids.

Mentor and Role Model

The teacher at LDCJPS, in varying capacities of subject teacher, House mentor or activity guide or a fellow sportperson,develops with the number of students under his/her change a close rapport &relationship that comforts the students to learn and grow in an atmosphere of affection, warmth,trust,togetherness and openness. Positive and enabling environment enables the student to delve into the treasure of talent and merit within.

About us

In the 20 years of existence, LDCJPS has emerged as a premiere co-educational institute imparting quality education from pre-nursery to 12th standard. Affiliated to CBSE Board

Chairman's Message

Every Moment in life is a fresh Beginning that brings with it boundless joy of new possibilities and the pleasure is compounded when you know you are about to realise the lofty goal. Since the time we began in 2002, we have Constantly Strived for excellence...

CBSE Affiliation No.1630429